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Do Re Mi Kids is a program that allows teachers and students to connect for online singing lessons.

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DRMK helps students and teachers build the confidence to break out of their shell and discover the true artist inside in a fun, and empowering platform.

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Our guided curriculum creates a healthy combination of structure and freedom to teach and learn based on your individual learning and music style.

About Our

About Our


Jacqui has always been passionate about singing and performing. Higher education drew Jacqui to the University of Florida. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree and getting married, Jacqui and her family, Casey, made the move to Atlanta, GA.

Jacqui pursued and excelled in her career within the IT industry in Talent Acquisition, working for major corporations such as: Mass Mutual, Delta Airlines, & VMWare. Here is where she began learning as much as she could from those around her about running a large scalable business.

Do Re Mi Kids

How Do-Re-Mi Kids Began...

Eventually, being a musician and entrepreneur by heart, she decided to open her own music studio and start teaching voice again to students.

She started the launch of her business in the middle of the global pandemic and felt it was critical to be able to find a way to reach students despite the inability to be in person. This is when she launched Do Re Mi Kids.