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Start Group Lessons NOW! 

Ready to showcase your singing skills and boost your confidence? Look no further! Join our incredible program and rediscover the joy of singing like never before. 

Weekly Lessons With Dedicated Instructors In Person With Like Minded Students! 

Joining group activities, like singing, boosts collaboration among children while creating a feeling of joy and camaraderie. So let's sing our hearts out and grow together, in perfect harmony!

Group Lessons Can BOOST Your Child's Confidence! 

Boost your child's self-esteem and confidence with the power of performing! Conquer stage fright and watch them shine on and off the stage. This valuable skill will stay with them as they grow into confident adults.

Need More Time? Or Want To Learn More? 

Ready to rock and roll? Pick up that phone and book a call with one of our awesome teachers at Do Re Mi Kids! We'll spill the beans on our program and all the amazing things we do. 

Best Value

Group Lessons



Every month

Group Singing Lessons

Valid until canceled

4 In -Person Singing Lessons per month

30 Minutes per lesson


Multiple Kids For Group Lessons?

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